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We are looking for Drivers and Chauffeurs in all the USA

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You must be an Independent Operator, fully licensed and Insured and with a certain experience in the Transportation Industry.

We are covering our Car, Executive, and Premium Services.

Depending on your experience, your car, your insurance and the attire you use for work, you could be assigned to 1, 2, or more categories.

We’re looking for all types of cars: Sedans, SUVs, and Vans.

Stretch Limousines, Mini Buses, and Coaches are welcome too.


After submitting the Initial Form our Expert’s Team will let you know if you’re pre-approved or not.

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Fill Up

Fill up the initial form.

Enter your personal and vehicle information


Upload all documents and car pictures required

(see list below)


Download our app as soon as you receive your credentials


 Documents Required



  • Fill up the W9 form

  • Upload your Driver’s Licence.

  • Upload Driver’s Permit (Example: Hack License, TLC, DOT, etc) -or the appropriate documentation issued by State, or the Relevant Legal Authority depending on your area- that proves you’re an authorized Driver to operate a public transportation vehicle.

  • Bank Account (Picture of Void check)



  • Liability Insurance

  • Vehicle’s permit (Example: Hack License, TLC, DOT, etc) - or the appropriate documentation issued by State, or the Relevant Legal Authority depending on your area that proves that your vehicle is authorized for passenger transportation.

  • Vehicle’s Photos.

    Work with Us    

1. Receiving a job offer

We'll send you a job notification through WhatsApp


* Date

* Time

* Pick-up & Drop-off Location

* The Total Money you'll Make

3. Doing a job


There are some steps that you must set up on your App.

* En Route (At the moment that you start your way to the PU location).


* On-Location (At the moment that you arrive at the PU Location).


Customer on the Car (Once you have your passenger onboard).


Drop Off (Once you arrived at the passenger’s final destination).


Done (Immediately after your DO). 


​* Circling Eventually you can use this set-up before to be On Location. It is reserved for those places where sometimes it is a little difficult finding a parking spot to wait for the passenger.

 2. Accepting a job


To accept a Job simply reply with any character on your keyboard's phone and click send.


Our Dispatchers will receive a notification with your name and car number.


The first one received will be immediately assigned to the job.


You’ll receive a notification on your App that the job is yours; then you have to accept it and that’s it!

 4. Getting paid


Once you set up Done on your App your payment process will start immediately.


Your money will be directly deposited on your Bank in 48 to 72 hrs (business day). 


The time difference varies by the day of the week and the time that the job was made. 


The daily close-up daily time is 4:00 pm (Eastern Time).


     Jobs made on:


  •        Monday before 4:00 pm

  •           Monday after 4:00 pm

  •       Tuesday before 4:00 pm

  •          Tuesday after 4:00 pm

  •  Wednesday before 4​:00 pm

  •         Wednesday after 4: pm

  •      Thursday before 4:00 pm

  •         Thursday after 4:00 pm

  • Frid., Sat., and Sund. 24 hrs


Deposited on:














Riders Cost


Depending on the category  Riders pay by Miles, Early-Late Fee, Miscellaneous (this is a fixed amount of $30.00 applied to all categories except Car Service that covers tolls), Tolls, Parkings Meet & Greet, Gratuity, Waiting Time, Stops, Child Seats, Holyday Surcharges and Reservation Fees.

Reservation Fees: It's a 20% added on the addition of all the items mentioned above. This fee is used by ABC Ground to cover the cost of Credit Cards Processing, Administrative Expenses, Permits, Legal Issues, Taxes, etc.

This fee is NOT CONSIDER EARNINGS for any of the parts and will NEVER BE INCLUDED in the final settlement.

Your Cost

 We're offering 2 different affiliation categories: 


 GOLDEN  -  Available to ALL Partners. 

 PLATINUM  - Depending on availability.

 Both of them are very convenient and totally different at the rest   of the offers that you'll find in the market.



 Learn how each category works and pick yours!

GOLDEN: The only charge that you pay for in this category is the ABC Ground Commission. 

The following Table Rate will shows you exactly how much you pay for each trip:

                  RIDER PAY:               YOU PAY:

  •           Up to $50.00                     $1.00

  •     $50.01 to $75.00                     $1.50

  •   $75.01 to $100.00                     $2.00

  • $100.01 to $125.00                     $3.00

  • $125.01 to $150.00                     $5.00

  • $150.01 to $200.00                   $10.00

  • $200.01 to $250.00                   $20.00

  • $250.01 to $300.00                   $30.00

  • $300.01 to $350.00                   $40.00

  • $350.01 to $400.00                   $50.00

  • $400.01 to $500.00                   $60.00

  •      $500.01 and UP                   $75.00

PLATINUM: Just $15.00 a week for a membership that's all!!

This is the only charge you have to pay and you keep 100% of the Rider's Payment.

On some specific services as Limousine or Premium, the acceptance in this category is subject to availability depending on the service area, type of car, etc.

New Times are coming...

be part of them


How much are you paying for a job?

Do you really know that?

Could you do the right math?

Do you know how much you'll make, before to accept a trip?

Do you know your final destination?

When do you'll receive your money?




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